For the past 12 months price increase up to 30% or more and trade and supply shortages have been a constant problem for almost everyone in the building industry.

It is not only difficult to find tradies but also to finance projects, as material shortage and price increases have hit hard within all aspects of the built environment.

More and more projects are running over time and over budget and more and more builders added clauses to building contracts to allow for variations for budget and project delivery time.

Why is Minc Services in a position to guarantee pricing and project delivery time?

Minc Services in Sydney has recently started works at a large three-storey building complex in Westmead. Projects at Body Corporate multi storey building sites can take up to a year in planning starting from conception, to obtaining quotes and BC meetings to choose a contractor. Many of these projects require more than one trade and these need to be available at staged intervals.

Minc Services project tender prices were kept unchanged for a year!

Not only due to the long-term relations with many customers, including the PICA Group, but also with our long-term relationship with all our suppliers and trades required for the project. All our contractors are licensed and cm3 certified.

This project includes expertise in all trades including building, scaffolding, water proofing, tiling and painting.

With a big project like this project planning is essential!

Minc Services has the expertise and project planning tools to guarantee project delivery within time and budget.

For peace of mind, fair pricing, and knowledge that the project will run smoothly, Minc Services is the right choice!

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