Many buildings may be eligible to receive some government assistance through the flood disaster funds that are being announced by state and federal governments.

However, the next obstacles are:

  1. Finding a trusted builder and / or subcontractors to repair flood damage.
  2. A builder who can supply building materials faster due to better connections to suppliers.
  3. A builder who can also look at making a house more flood resistant.

The advantages of working with Minc Services is that we have these connections to team members and suppliers and the knowledge how to minimise the impact of water ingress to buildings.

Minc’s senior management’s industry qualifications and experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Open Building, Site Supervisor Licences
  • Electrical and mechanical services engineering, – HVAC maintaining an Unlimited Design Licence
  • Electrical Contractor’s Licence – servicing all electrical fields, including cabling, data and telephony (Cat5E, Coax and Optical Fibre) and thermal imaging.
  • Detailed management and knowledge of Remedial, Rectification and Waterproofing works – including multiple associated trade qualifications and licensing
  • Engineering (various disciplines)
  • More than 50 years’ experience in all aspects of the elevator business, from trade to regional and senior management level

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