A big sigh of relief, as trade starts moving back to normal!

Our Minc Services Brisbane branch recently exhibited at the ARAMA TRADE SHOW.

The date of the trade show had changed several times due to COVID lockdowns and restrictions on visitors’ attendance, everyone was relieved that it finally got the go ahead!
Although attendance numbers were still restricted, it was a roaring success.

Minc Services was lucky to be in a great spot and were thoroughly prepared with a Minc Services banner, lucky business card draw prizes, brochures and marketing materials in a handy Minc tote bag.

The team brought in a real sample of concrete cancer to illustrate what this looks like. They had also printed and laminated before and after photos of their projects.

The Branch MD Dennis Randall (BSC Building Engineering), Site Supervisor Martin Bauer (Carpenter/Builder) and Marketing Manager, Jill Randall (BA) were in attendance to answer any questions.

They were immediately asked to quote on numerous buildings and appointments were made on the night. They have since then followed up with all enquiries and started quoting for new projects.

Meet the team (from left to right): Our Marketing manager Jill Randall (BA), our Site Supervisor Martin Bauer (Carpenter/Builder) and the MD Dennis Randall (BSC building Engineering)

minc services team

Question and Answer Session:

And the main prize the winner is Nicholas Harvey – Arise Hotels and Apartments, pictured with Minc Services Marketing Manager Jill Randall:

Main prize:


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